Jerby's Audition Comments



First off, I want to thank everyone for auditioning and I know that for most of u, this wasn't easy. Know that these comments aren't meant to hurt anyone. It wasn't that long ago that I was in your shoes and I received criticisms, good and bad, but I used all of them so my talent and skills would become better. My intention is to give unbiased feedbacks so u can improve your singing. With that said, I'm setting friendships aside and I guarantee that my relationships with some of u outside of this competition will NOT factor in my criticisms and decisions.


Song: Bang Bang
Comment: It was so fun listening to ur audition because it seems to me that u had a lot of fun doing it and that was passed on to me. I actually fist pumped during the chorus and it got stuck in my head for half a day... >.> However, you used vibrato (the shakey voice thingy) too much in parts where there shouldn't be one and that made those parts not sound that great. I'm not saying to lose it, just know when to use it because it can turn out to be a huge asset. I should know since my vibrato is one of the things I consider to be unique when I sing.


Song: Try
Comment: I've heard u sing before and unfortunately, this is not ur best performance. I think because this is not the best song for u. I commend u for picking, in my opinion, a difficult song but it didn't pay off that well. However, u already picked it so there's nothing much I can do about that. Anyway, I like how you didn't go for the original arrangement of the song because the arrangement that u used was better. I have mixed feelings about your performance. I know you can do better!


Song: Old Time Rock and Roll
Comment: Love the song choice but I'm not a big fan of your performance. The thing is, it sounded like you were mumbling most of the words of the song except during the chorus so I would like u to work on that. I do feel like you enjoyed singing this song so I have to commend you for that. I see some potential in your singing but u need to discover what your strengths and weaknesses as a singer are first.


Song: Settle Down
Comment: Honestly, when the performance started and u did that "boom boom" part, I was like, "ohhh, i don't think this is not going to go great.." But then you started singing... and you made my jaw drop! You were hitting most of those high notes which impressed me so much. There was a part somewhere in the middle where you kinda struggled a bit. I guess you have to work on breath control because I think you could've hit those notes if u breathed properly. It was a very good performance and I want to hear more from u!!!


Song: Mean
Comment: I could barely hear you... :( Anyway, you were mumbling some of the words and that doesn't translate well for someone judging your performance. To me, it sounded that you were lazily singing this song and that's such a shame because your voice actually sounds good. If you make it past the auditions, please please please bring your A game next time.


Song: Are You Satisfied
Comment: It was kinda difficult listening to your performance because the audio quality wasn't that great. However, I tried my best to make sure I listen to it carefully and you just blew me away! Great song choice! You were able to showcase your range and you were hitting the sudden high notes flawlessly. There were a couple of parts that it sounded pitchy but other than those, this is a very strong performance.


Song: Til Kingdom Come
Comment: Welcome back, Gerda! I heard your performances last season and I think you have greatly improved. It was apparent that you are more comfortable this time around. I should point out though that there was a tinsy bit of hesitation but you are getting there. Once you have completely come out of your shell, I think your future performances will be even better than this one. Good job.


Song: Titanium
Comment: I know u go by Gloss now but I will still call u Jay! First off, very gutsy of u to sing Titanium since it is one of those songs that people kinda avoid (including me) because it's so hard to sing! It wasn't a bad performance but it's not that great either. Don't get me wrong tho, you are a decent singer. My advise is for u to go for songs that better suit your voice and I look forward on how u can pull those of.


Song: One Thing
Comment: When you started singing, you sounded great and I was thinking to myself that it was a good start. But then, the chorus hit and I felt like that was when everything went downhill. There were so much flats and sharps after that. I say lose the guitar because it sounded like it wasn't properly tuned which may have caused u to hit the notes wrong. You can do better than this, I know it, u know it.


Song: Stay With Me
Comment: You sound awesome! Girl, you have soul and that is very obvious in your singing voice. I know the recording was not that great which kinda affected ur performance but I guess that what made it more appealing to me. You already sound great with a low quality recording, how much amazing would u sound with a better quality one?!?!


Song: Corner of the Sky
Comment: It sounded like you were holding back and you struggled with the low key parts. This song was meant to be sang with so much passion and strength but that didn't resonate during most of the performance. The only time I felt you showed energy was at the last part of the song where I went "That's the energy level that should have been throughout this song!" I would really appreciate it if you just bring it because your voice sounds good.


Song: Extra Ordinary
Comment: Your voice kinda reminds me of Charley's from the previous season. You can carry notes properly and I think u chose a good song for you. I would've enjoyed your performance even more if you weren't trying to control your volume so much. It was obvious to me that u were trying to keep your voice down and often that makes it hard to hit some notes especially the high ones. My suggestion is to sing it with full volume and don't be afraid to let the neighbors hear ur singing voice!


Song: Dating Game
Comment: I'm going to start by saying that your guitar playing and song writing skills are very very very impressive, however, this is a singing competition. ;) It was a decent performance. It wasn't bad but it wasn't that good either. It just felt... safe. Eden from last season sang an original composition and he sang it with so much passion since it's his work. So when I heard you say that this is an original composition too, I was expecting to see the same passion as Eden's. And take note, Eden went far last season. So I guess what I'm saying is to put more passion in your singing and it would turn out a lot awesome.


Song: Evil Elsa
Comment: Oh look! You come after Norbert! Coincidence or serendipity? :3 Okay, I'll stop the joking (for now) and start commenting. You shocked me because you can sing! Actually, you sound great and you can hit notes especially the high ones. There were some parts that you mumbled the words so please don't do that. This was a weird song choice for an audition however I commend you for bringing the attitude required in singing this song. It's a sassy song and u brought the sass!


Song: I Believe
Comment: Well, well, well, Mr. McKee... Im now the judge and u r a contestant waiting to get harsh criticisms... Turn about is fairplay!!! I kid I kid! Okay, time to comment... This is actually a good performance. You are hitting the notes properly. U kinda struggled there in the end a bit but it didn't necessarily ruin the whole thing. You have a great singing voice however, my concern is that your voice seems to fit types of songs that are ballad, operatic, big band kinda songs... So I worry if you could pull of songs that are under the Pop, R&B and Rock categories. I guess I have to wait and see how will that turn out if you pass the audition stage.


Song: Psychotic Girl
Comment: I'm glad we waited for your audition performance because wow, you sound amazing! This song fits your voice perfectly and you were hitting those notes with such precision. Your voice kinda reminds me of Marco's from last season and that is a huge compliment! Keep it up and I honestly want to hear more from u!


Song: Love You Forever
Comment: During the start of the peformance, you were doing okay but as the song progressed, u really struggled hitting those high notes though the low notes sounded fine to me. In addition, this song was not a good choice for u, unfortunately, because it has those sudden raise in notes that I feel made it more difficult for u. Keep on practicing and try to explore songs that would sound perfect for ur voice.


Song: Rise Like A Phoenix
Comment: The start of ur performance is decent but during the chorus and in most parts, it seemed to be lacking a lot of energy. I know you have heard this song a million times before and I think you would agree with me that Conchita sang it with so much strength. I'm not saying that you have to sing like Conchita but to bring the same level of energy as how the artist of the song you're singing did it. Come out of your comfort zone and just kick ass when u sing!