Boo's Audition Comments



I just wanna start off by saying thank you to all who auditioned. If any of you don't know I'm Boo. I finished 3rd place in season 1 and have lots of musical background. I'm here to mentor you all to help y'all become better singers. Don't take any of my comments to heart as it is only constructive criticism. Good luck to you all.


Song: Bang Bang
Comment: I guess you are the rapper of this season. A few times you got off beat but overall it was good.


Song: Try
Comment: This was a good audition. Your higher register is neat.


Song: Old Time Rock and Roll
Comment: It was pitchy and could use some work.


Song: Settle Down
Comment: This was a good audition. My only note to you would be for you to try on holding your long notes better.


Song: Mean
Comment: Some of the notes were off-key and you were pitchy in places. Could use some work.


Song: Are You Satisfied
Comment: This was another great audition. Not much I can say but keep doing what you are doing.


Song: Til Kingdom Come
Comment: This was a good song you picked that showed off your soft voice. Overall, good job.


Song: Titanium
Comment: This was another okay audition. You need to work on sustaining your long notes on pitch.


Song: One Thing
Comment:This was a good audition especially your belting.


Song: Stay With Me
Comment: Wow, I am blown away by this audition. There is nothing I can say but to keep doing what you are doing because that was great.


Song: Corner of the Sky
Comment: Overall this was a good audition and you showed a lot of potential.


Song: Extra Ordinary
Comment: This was a good audition. You have a unique tone. I think you would do good on a Britney Spears song.


Song: Dating Game
Comment: Good guitar playing, nice song, but your singing was pitchy in places.


Song: Evil Elsa
Comment: This was an okay audition. It was hard to understand but your last note shows you have potential.


Song: I Believe
Comment: Wow, this shocked me. This was a great audition. You have a very smooth voice.


Song: Psychotic Girl
Comment: You have a strong and confident voice. I think you would do good on a Christina Aguliera song.


Song: Love You Forever
Comment: Overall this was an okay audition. You were pitchy in places and could use some work.


Song: Rise Like A Phoenix
Comment: This was a bit pitchy. I would recommend some breathing exercises to help you hit the notes.