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Tyler Bungard
Caleb Loki
• 10/18/2014

Marco's Audition Comments

Austin Ellis: 

-Nice voice, can work well without backtrack, nice consistent sound, good keeping a tempo, nice song choice, good range, some notes sounded as though they were flatting, some pronunciation, be confident, your voice is good, don’t trail off towards the end of phrases

Lindsey Samuels:

-As soon as you started singing, I went “Oh shit,” rich tones, easily understood, nice range for you, nice consistency, nice improvisations on the song, background sometimes overpowered, towards the end one of the high notes was a little eh, but over all amazing.

Gloss Sparkles:

-some tempo problems throughout, nice voice, rich tones, hard time finding the notes at times, words hard to understand at times, nice choice for your range, didn’t really get into the mood swings of the song until second verse though very emotional, some words weren’t correct

Purry Spu Sunray:

-It’s clear that your pitch is on point, and you take the key change nicely, but I feel like you were speaking most of it. The microphone quality was very bad, so it was hard to understand much of your words. I like your song choice, and I think this is a good range for you, but maybe you should find a song with less speaking next time, as this didn’t really exemplify what I think you can be.

Caleb Loki:

-I feel as though you didn’t choose the right song for this. I couldn’t quite hear your pitch at time because of the rumbling, but the rumbling could be well done if you were making a conscious decision about it. However, most of the time it seemed as though you speaking. Great timing though! I feel like you can sing the higher notes if you want to: I can hear it in your voice; just go for it, and if it doesn’t work you can always rerecord. (Random question: do you rap? If not, I’d be interested in seeing you try.)

Alf Niugnep:

-I’m going to start with the negative: your timing was off, and you sometimes were overpoweringly loud. That’s it. Your breathing seems to be on point, your pitch was amazing, this is a great range for you, you made a beautiful song choice, you knew the lyrics, you had great emotion, and your diction was amazing. (Nice background music BTW)

Taylor Marie:

-First suggestion: your song had a lot of breaks in it. That’s not fun to listen to.

-wow. Just wow.

-I’ll say that when you were so anxious for the season I sort of judged you prematurely as someone who thought they could sing but couldn’t. I couldn’t be more wrong. You probably were just really excited about singing because that was amazing. 

-Your style is unique and you’re voice is distinct. You’re clearly sliding but it is so deliberate that it is beautiful. You’re pitch was on point and your timing seemed so perfect (but I couldn’t really tell because there wasn’t background music) (Have you ever heard of ZZ Ward? If so, I think you’d be good singing any of her songs (especially “365 Days”)

Wesley Lini:

-Your voice is really rich, and your tone is amazing. Your pitch was a bit wibbly wobbly, but you could probably play that to your advantage in certain styles (country?) Your emotion was great, and I really liked your timing. Your song choice was good, as it was in a good range. Try to hit your high notes; you were flatting slightly

Richie McKee:

I threw my hands up as soon as I heard you sing.

There. Your voice is so rich and beautiful, especially in the low and high ranges. Your timing is perfect, as is your pitch. It was short, it was amazing. When the music dropped out and you just hit it it made me fall back in my chair. This is not an exageration. Because I feel obligated as a host to help with something: the music was overpowering you at times, but not too much.

Norbert Nicolas

I can't say whether you were intentionally flatting or not, but it sounded mostly alright. Your creativity is amazing; it's pretty impressive to have written a song, especially one as well composed as that. Your timing is awesome, though that may be because you've written it. You're a little bit nasally at times, but in certain styles you could use that to your advantage, like jazz. 

Gerda Parkja

Your voice is so clearly clear and pure, I could tell through the fuzzy mic. I especially liked your high notes, but the entire song was very melodic and pleasing to the ears. It was a little hard to understand your words at times, but that is easily fixable. Your timing was on, you pitch was perfect. My suggestions: expirament with different styles, and maybe a little bit of breath control. 

Jino Santos

Your pitch was a little off, but your voice is well-developed and nice to listen to. Sometimes, like on the words like me and other ee sounds you clip you words into nasal sounds. Your timing was spot on, and the guitar was a nice touch. I'd work on your tune; sometimes you fell into dissonance with the guitar.

Minke Driessen 

Absolutely love the song choice. The verses were a little bit low for you, and it made you hard to understand. However, your pitch and timing is on. Once or twice you slipped into a speak-sing, but you recovered well each time. I'd work on emotion, as I didn't feel you portrayed that as well as you could have, but overall not bad.

Dennis Ackerman

You did really well. I was a little bit scared when I saw that you sang Marina because she can be hard to cover, but you were amazing with the pitches and timing. You seem to be in a good range. At times you were hard to understand, but I understood the message of the song clearly because your emotion and intonation was spectacular. I absolutely loved it when you did sliding or trilling notes in the song. I'd work on clarity of words.

AJ Shim

I honestly had a lot of fun listening to this. Your display clear emotion. I feel as though you were speak-singing most of the time, but I must say I enjoyed your rapping.I appreciated your substitution of words, especially the Boo and Jerby part. When you tried to hit the notes, you did well, and your timing was good. I'd work on singing more of it, and try to keep up your performance aspect. Your best quality was how enjoyable it was to listen to you.

Natalie Grisworld

Your pitch is amazing, as is your tone. Your timing was superb, and I liked the range that this was in for you. I couldn't understand much of your words, so you could work on on that. Your sliding notes were spot-on, and your easy transition between notes is admirable. The fact that you were able to stay on key without a background track shows that you're very competant at this.

Tyler Bungard

Nice song choice! This seems like a good range for you, and your pitch is near perfect. Your timing is flawless. Sometimes your dynamics fluctuated oddly, getting softer in odd places. There were some odd pauses, but I'll assume that to be part of the song. Watch out for flatting, and if you watch your breathing both the pausing and the odd dynamics will be solved more or less.

Andrew Kim Hayes

You were hard to understand at times, and your words blurred. However, your timing was good, as was your pitch. I thought it was a good range for you, but I don't think the song matched your voice type.

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Tyler Bungard
Caleb Loki
• 10/16/2014

Caleb -  Probably but i just cant speak that fast xD and yeah, i was gonna do another song which i sung better but it would of took me ages to upload (Few hours)

• 10/18/2014

Thanks Marco!

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