Jerby's Bootcamp Comments



Comment: You are still doing too much vibrato, however, I was able to overlook that because of that amazing harmonizing that you did. Doing a duet with yourself always impresses me because of the skill and effort it takes to do so. Your energy level, IMO, is the same as your first performance so please keep that up if you go through to the next round.


Comment: You struggled a bit in the non-chorus parts, which I guess was brought about how fast you needed to sing those parts. But the chorus for me was spot on. You seemed more comfortable singing this time around and I think that made this one a lot better. This was an improvement from your first performance.


Comment: This is a very fun performance because you were having fun singing it. There were some parts that were pitchy but with more practice, I think that can be remedied. You should learn breathing control because you sounded out of breath at the end there. I like the fact that you tweaked the arrangement and delivery of some lines a tinsy bit and that made this song more Andrew than Katy Perry.


Comment: Did you choose this because you wanted to sing to Judge Boo? I kid, I kid. You were hitting the notes properly and I see a lot of potential. My only problem with this performance is that the instrumental background that you used is a different key as the one you were singing this song. That's fine tho. Me or the other judges or hosts might be able to help you lower the pitch next time. You also kinda stumbled a bit in the end. Other than that, I think this was a safe performance.


Comment: Is it me or you kinda sound like Eden when you were talking? Anyway, this was a huge difference from your first performance because it is evident that you are taking this performance more seriously but not as serious as the other contestants. You got a shot at this so I suggest that you want it more!


Comment: I'm shocked! My jaw was wide open throughout this song because I was under the impression that you are more accustomed to broadway type songs but you singing blues is as fantastic as the first performance that you did. Usually, I also look for a flaw in a performance but this was just perfect in my opinion. I guess all I can say is keep up the good work!


Comment: This was a very risky song because of all the high notes that you needed to hit... But it paid off! You kinda sounded muffled but I think that was because of the mic but other than that, this is a strong performance. Keep it up.


Comment: Another risky song because of the sudden change in ranges. Unfortunately, you struggled so much especially during the chorus part. It was very pitchy. I know you can do better and I just hope that this performance won't lead to your elimination.


Comment: I'm glad you listened to our advise and got rid of the guitar. You were spot on except during the long notes because you struggled with those. I have to commend your breathing control with the continuous lyrics during the chorus. Overall, I would say that this was a safe performance.


Comment: When you hit that first high note, I told myself to stop... Because I already want you to go to the next round! I still listened to the whole thing tho just to enjoy this awesome performance. You're truly gifted and I can't wait for your next song!


Comment: You are a good singer but my only problem is that you sing very soft. Bring a lot more strength especially during the chorus parts because the instrumental background is overpowering your voice. I see a lot of potential in your voice and I want you to wow us all with it!


Comment:Let me start with the bad news. You had some problems hitting some of the high notes and you sounded a bit pitchy. That was overshadowed tho by your ability to sing words in a very fast pace. I love the energy that you brought as well because this song required that.


Comment: First of all, stop apologizing for your performance. I don't know if it's a strategy or something but it's annoying me. About your performance, it was pretty much safe. It wasn't bad but it wasn't that stellar. This is a rock ballad so you didn't have to forcefully sing it. I suggest listening to the original version first, study how it's being sang and tweak it a bit with your own style.


Comment: "Please start Many-Cam" >.>'... Anyhoo... what happened?!?!? It's like you and Caleb switched styles this round! I can barely hear you and it felt like you weren't trying as hard as last time. I am worried for you because I see a lot of potential in you and your voice but from a good performance last time to this one, I can't hide the fact that I'm disappointed.. :/


Comment: Why u pull a Tadeo and no submit? ;-;


Comment: You started this song strong and the "ooh" part was so nice. However, when the chorus hit, you stumbled with the words and I think that threw you off. You were able to recover during the last part tho but I would really prefer performances that our consistent. I think you should practice the song more before making your final edit. I know you can do it and I want you to make our jaws drop again just like last time.


Comment: Very gutsy for choosing this song. I only sing this song when I'm very drunk because of all the falsetto that the chorus requires. You did struggle on those. The end part tho... Why did u do that? :/ In any case, I would like to point out tho that this was a huge improvement from last time.


Comment: Yes, Wesley! The volume and strength is much better this time. It's a shame that this didn't have an instrumental because I think it would have been better with that. It is a safe performance but it does show that you can improve and I will take that into account.