Marco's Bootcamp Comments

Tyler Bungard

Wow, you glide from note to note really well. Your slight trills are pretty impressive. Sometimes you fell flat, but that happens to a lot of people. You were a little bit airy sometimes, and you weren’t very powerful in the higher range.

Wesley Lini

You seemed sort of uncertain in your singing at first, but your voice grew steadier quickly. Sometimes your pitches seemed sort of wonky, but it was hard to tell as you sang a cappella. However, it was absolutely beautiful. Your tone was very emotional, and I’m not sure if I was supposed to shiver, but I did.

Taylor Marie

Some of your pitches fell flat and your voice was tentative, but your voice was rich. The range sounded uncomfortable for you, of course only you can know what it feels like, but think about this. You had great timing, and I think you really got the spirit of the song in your cover. You got a lot more confident in the bridge, and that really helped. If you take one comment, check your pitches.

Natalie Griswold

I couldn’t make out half the words, but it was totally awesome. You hit your notes, everything seemed deliberate. Even your spoken sections were well done. You timing was on point. Your recording was a little bit fuzzy, but I’m assuming that’s because of your equipment. Your range is impressive, and I hope to see more of it. I loved it when you did rapid note changes because you hit it.

Minke Driessen

First question: Why would you need nine billion bicycles? Second, you were very soft and sweet. It was endearing but slightly airy. Your pitches and odd tone shifts were very well done. You worked with the background track quite well, and I approve of your song choice; it seemed to really fit your range.

Austin Ellis

You started on the right pitch, but you fell flat at points. Your voice is very rich though, and your timing was awesome. I think this was a good range and style for you. Your kept getting back to the right notes when you fell off of them, so I suggest you just re-listen to your tracks so you can pinpoint the points where you fall flat.

Jay Summer

You went a little bit faster than the track at times, but you had good timing most of the time. You started out shaky on the high notes, a trend that continued without, but you also continued to hit them, showing that you can hit them if you focus, pay attention, and warm up. Your power was good, as was your pitch.

Lindsay Samuels

Woah. Your power and control during the entire thing was astounding. Your pitch and subtle changes in tone were amazing. The timing was perfect. I really like this style and range for you. I really like your song choice. My only suggestion, as I am obligated as a judge to make feedback both positive and productive, is to annunciate slightly better; you can be hard to understand at times.

Dennis Ackerman

Great song choice! I think this range really worked for it. Your tone was a little bit nasally, but it sounded deliberate for the song. You hit the pitches, and I couldn’t found anything off about the timing. I usually don’t even like this style, but I would definitely listen to this song again.

Caleb Loki

You spoke much of the song. You got the timing correct, and you got into the emotion of the song. I’d focus on singing pitches in the future, because you have the rest of the foundation.

Andrew Kim-Hayes

You hit the notes, but you ended them quickly or slid flat on some. You seemed like you were forcing your voice to come, and you sounded like you had a slight cold. I’d try to sing more clearly in the future, but your timing was good, as were you inflictions and emotions. I like this range for you.

Jino Santos

You floated in and out of the key at the beginning, but when you had the right notes it was beautiful. You fixed this problem by the end of the first verse, but it resurfaced during the bridge. You had emotion, and you timing was good except during the last chorus, where it was only a little bit off. I like this range for you. I think your voice sounded a bit clogged, like you had a cold, but that can be solved by warming up. I got chills in the slow chorus.

Purry Spu Sunray

Your pitches were in key but a little bit wonky at times. I had a hard time hearing you at points, and I don’t think you supported your singing with breath enough. You were hard to understand at times, but that relates to the previous statement.

Norbert Nicolas

You hit all of your pitches. Your voice was a little bit nasally in the lower range , so I suggest you try to use more breath, but when you sang in the higher ranges it was mildly stunning. I like the higher range for you, and you hit all the notes well. If you could get the same infliction you use for your higher range in you lower range you’d be golden. Your timing was good as well, and impressive use of guitar.

AJ Shim

I heard this and started rocking out. You’ve improved so much from last week: you hit your pitches, you got the timing, and you got the emotion. My comments for you are that your words were hard to understand, but great job! I’m definitely going to be listening to this again.

Alf Niugenep

Starting from the very beginning you swept me away. Your pitch is great, your timing is perfect, and your emotion is good. You have a rich voice that is amazing to listen to, and because I feel obliged to make a comment: your words can be hard to understand. BTW I like this range for you.

Gerda Parkja

Your pitch is great, as is your timing, but I found it hard to understand you. Your voice was a little bit airy at points, and your microphone didn’t do you any favors, but spectacular job regardless. It was very well done.