Marco's 90s Comments


You were very emotional, and that showed. It affected your singing slightly, but not enough to make it worse. You had very good diction, so you were understandable despite your voice overpowering the microphone. I liked you song choice. I really liked the power you put into the high parts. I don't think you should do a full song in the higher range, but those little parts were nice.


Your pitches were off at times, but you were so confident, that I believed you were singing it correctly 100% of the time. Your tone and timing was great, and your sustained notes were amazing. You're diction was good; for the first time I actually understand why it's called Wonderwall. Overall, I enjoyed listening to your singing. I think you did much better during the chorus than during the verses, but that can be fixed by reviewing the melodies, because it's clear you grasp the tune.


Nice picture... uh... woah. You've really improved. You fell flat at times, but you were amazingly on pitch most of the time. As always, your timing was great. You gave my chills on "I'm a widow" every time, or at least I assume those are the words. Diction was good. I would definitely listen to this again. I don't know how I was supposed to feel by the end, but I felt hollow, in a good way. You made me feel the music.


I melted. I actually melted. This was amazing. I couldn't really understand what you were saying, so diction. However, you're emotion was clear so kudos. Pitch and timing was great. Your tone matched the song while being rich. Either I wasn't paying attention to how awesome you sound, or you've improved greatly because this is amazing. So, diction is my biggest note. You had a few moments going up high when you were a little bit wonky but so unnoticable that it's alright.


Pitch is awesome, though you fell flat at times. You sounded a little bit nasally, but if that was a stylistic choice you did it well. You kept up good time with the track. I liked the middle parts in your range, like the beginning of the verses. You have this tendency of holding our your s, and I would suggest focusing more on the vowels in the words. You seem to know the song very well. I really like the high part at the end.


Nice rich tone, along with understandable words. Your pitch was good, along with your timing, though at times you felt a little bit toneless. Your emotion wavered from fairly evident to nonexistant. Either would be okay, but I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be feeling at times. Overall, great job, great improvement.


Great pitch and timing, but I can't tell what you're saying often. I love your song choice. You have such a good range, and this song really shows that. Your power shows through the recording, though recordings rarely do justice. Your tone is, uh, I wouldn't say pure but it's so deliberate and rich that it's amazing. I'd listen to this again.


You had nice pitch. It sounded sharp, but that might be the song. You sounded as though you were singing with your mouth too closed, so suggestion: open mouth more. Your harmonies were a little bit odd, so if you're going to do similar things in the future I suggest reviewing your track and making sure they match up timing wise. Overall, I think you did a good job, but you should work on your tone.


Your audio was super odd, just to preface. it kept getting loud for a second. Your pitch and timing, as usual, is amazing. I love your tone, but your words are still hard to understand. You had the proper amount of emotion, your breathing wasn't weird, and I honestly want to listen to this again. A lot. Because you made it enjoyable to listen to, even if I couldn't tell what you were saying.


It was hard to understand what you were saying at times, but overall pretty good. Your pitch sometimes was wonky, but the timing was great, as was the guitar playing. Try singing more from your throat and chest as opposed to your face. That sounds odd, but just try. You were very emotional during it, which was great.


Nice ominous sounding music. You must have had a hard time keeping to the tune, because while it's clear it's the right notes, it's so odd against the music. Your timing is good, as is tone. Your words are hard to understand at times. It's so short though, and I wish I could hear more!


I couldn't quite grasp the melody at times, but you did a nice job not falling into speak singing without a musical backtrack. Nice job with the... uh... drumming? It complimented the singing. Your nice timing really made the song. I couldn't understand the words at times.