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ORG X Factor Auditions is the first episode of ORG X Factor.

On September 19, 2014, auditions for the second season of ORG Idol, ORG X Factor started via an announcement in the Survivor ORG Wiki Facebook Group. Hopefuls were asked to send their audition samples, which were reviewed by the judges: Boo, Jerby, Marco, and Perry.



Song: Bang Bang
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - I guess you are the rapper of this season. A few times you got off beat but overall it was good.
  • Jerby - It was so fun listening to ur audition because it seems to me that u had a lot of fun doing it and that was passed on to me. I actually fist pumped during the chorus and it got stuck in my head for half a day... >.> However, you used vibrato (the shakey voice thingy) too much in parts where there shouldn't be one and that made those parts not sound that great. I'm not saying to lose it, just know when to use it because it can turn out to be a huge asset. I should know since my vibrato is one of the things I consider to be unique when I sing.
  • Marco - I honestly had a lot of fun listening to this. Your display clear emotion. I feel as though you were speak-singing most of the time, but I must say I enjoyed your rapping.I appreciated your substitution of words, especially the Boo and Jerby part. When you tried to hit the notes, you did well, and your timing was good. I'd work on singing more of it, and try to keep up your performance aspect. Your best quality was how enjoyable it was to listen to you.
  • Perry - Initially, I was concerned with your pitch, which wavered a little bit, and your timing which other judges have already commented on, but the song grew on me a lot as it went on. Marco can tell you I danced a little during the rap. I think your strength here is clearly the energy that you brought to the song, because it came across really well, and I think the song improved as it progressed because of it. Some issues with a wavering pitch, which can be improved, but for a first go at it, I say good job!


Song: Try
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - This was a good audition. Your higher register is neat.
  • Jerby - I've heard u sing before and unfortunately, this is not ur best performance. I think because this is not the best song for u. I commend u for picking, in my opinion, a difficult song but it didn't pay off that well. However, u already picked it so there's nothing much I can do about that. Anyway, I like how you didn't go for the original arrangement of the song because the arrangement that u used was better. I have mixed feelings about your performance. I know you can do better!
  • Marco - I’m going to start with the negative: your timing was off, and you sometimes were overpoweringly loud. That’s it. Your breathing seems to be on point, your pitch was amazing, this is a great range for you, you made a beautiful song choice, you knew the lyrics, you had great emotion, and your diction was amazing. (Nice background music BTW)
  • Perry - You have a really nice voice; it's pleasing to listen to. That said, you seemed somewhat nervous doing this. It didn't reflect so much in your pitch as it did in your timing, which is easy to improve. I think that moving forward, your biggest enemy is going to be yourself (oh look it took him 2 go's to throw in a 'coach cliché'). Your pitch is really good, and you have a lot to work with. I look forward to hearing more from you, you sound awesome.


Song: Old Time Rock and Roll
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - It was pitchy and could use some work.
  • Jerby - Love the song choice but I'm not a big fan of your performance. The thing is, it sounded like you were mumbling most of the words of the song except during the chorus so I would like u to work on that. I do feel like you enjoyed singing this song so I have to commend you for that. I see some potential in your singing but u need to discover what your strengths and weaknesses as a singer are first.
  • Marco - You were hard to understand at times, and your words blurred. However, your timing was good, as was your pitch. I thought it was a good range for you, but I don't think the song matched your voice type.
  • Perry - It sounded like you had fun with this one, which is super important because this is, of course, ultimately a game. I agree with Jerby, I think you had some issues with enunciating your words and maybe some issues with holding out the notes. Holding notes can be really powerful in a song, and it will be important to master in the future. Overall though, as with AJ's, I enjoyed this progressively more and more as it continued, which usually means you were nervous or uncomfortable starting. This will eventually go away. While you have some technical things to work on, I like seeing people have fun. Thank you for that.


Song: Settle Down
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - This was a good audition. My only note to you would be for you to try on holding your long notes better.
  • Jerby - Honestly, when the performance started and u did that "boom boom" part, I was like, "ohhh, i don't think this is not going to go great.." But then you started singing... and you made my jaw drop! You were hitting most of those high notes which impressed me so much. There was a part somewhere in the middle where you kinda struggled a bit. I guess you have to work on breath control because I think you could've hit those notes if u breathed properly. It was a very good performance and I want to hear more from u!!!
  • Marco - Nice voice, can work well without backtrack, nice consistent sound, good keeping a tempo, nice song choice, good range, some notes sounded as though they were flatting, some pronunciation, be confident, your voice is good, don’t trail off towards the end of phrases
  • Perry - This goes for everyone, not just you: performing A Capella is extremely risky. One can easily get pitchy, breathy, out of time, and lose the drive with backup. That said, I think you did a pretty good job. You have good pitch, which I think you took advantage of, but I think some of the rhythm was lost, and towards the end it started dragging. My suspicion is that this has more to do with the song choice than it does with your voice. Either way, my suggestion would be to improve your song choice, because your voice is good.


Song: Mean
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - Some of the notes were off-key and you were pitchy in places. Could use some work.
  • Jerby - I could barely hear you... :( Anyway, you were mumbling some of the words and that doesn't translate well for someone judging your performance. To me, it sounded that you were lazily singing this song and that's such a shame because your voice actually sounds good. If you make it past the auditions, please please please bring your A game next time.
  • Marco - I’m going to start with the negative: your timing was off, and you sometimes were overpoweringly loud. That’s it. Your breathing seems to be on point, your pitch was amazing, this is a great range for you, you made a beautiful song choice, you knew the lyrics, you had great emotion, and your diction was amazing. (Nice background music BTW)
  • Perry - First off to get it out of the way, if you want to go far in this competition, your future performances will have to be louder and more clear. It's difficult for us to judge accurate when we can't hear what you're capable of. It would be a shame to eliminate a contestant with potential on account of their edit. That said, from what I can tell, you have pitch. You just have to be more powerful. You have the tools there, and I hope to see you use them in the future.


Song: Are You Satisfied
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - This was another great audition. Not much I can say but keep doing what you are doing.
  • Jerby - It was kinda difficult listening to your performance because the audio quality wasn't that great. However, I tried my best to make sure I listen to it carefully and you just blew me away! Great song choice! You were able to showcase your range and you were hitting the sudden high notes flawlessly. There were a couple of parts that it sounded pitchy but other than those, this is a very strong performance.
  • Marco - You did really well. I was a little bit scared when I saw that you sang Marina because she can be hard to cover, but you were amazing with the pitches and timing. You seem to be in a good range. At times you were hard to understand, but I understood the message of the song clearly because your emotion and intonation was spectacular. I absolutely loved it when you did sliding or trilling notes in the song. I'd work on clarity of words.
  • Perry - This was really really good. It was pleasant to listen to, your pitch was really good, and you seem to have good control over your voice. The force was there, and the song choice was good. Overall good job, and I look forward to hearing more.


Song: Til Kingdom Come
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - This was a good song you picked that showed off your soft voice. Overall, good job.
  • Jerby - Welcome back, Gerda! I heard your performances last season and I think you have greatly improved. It was apparent that you are more comfortable this time around. I should point out though that there was a tinsy bit of hesitation but you are getting there. Once you have completely come out of your shell, I think your future performances will be even better than this one. Good job.
  • Marco - Your voice is so clearly clear and pure, I could tell through the fuzzy mic. I especially liked your high notes, but the entire song was very melodic and pleasing to the ears. It was a little hard to understand your words at times, but that is easily fixable. Your timing was on, you pitch was perfect. My suggestions: expirament with different styles, and maybe a little bit of breath control.
  • Perry - Great job. You clearly have good pitch. You in particular did a very good job choosing your song, and it matched your voice really nicely. Your voice wasn't particularly forceful, but you did a great job making sure that it didn't have to be. I enjoyed your performance a lot; it was moving and emotional. Altogether a good job, and I wish you the best of luck in the rounds to come.


Song: Titanium
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - This was another okay audition. You need to work on sustaining your long notes on pitch.
  • Jerby - I know u go by Gloss now but I will still call u Jay! First off, very gutsy of u to sing Titanium since it is one of those songs that people kinda avoid (including me) because it's so hard to sing! It wasn't a bad performance but it's not that great either. Don't get me wrong tho, you are a decent singer. My advise is for u to go for songs that better suit your voice and I look forward on how u can pull those of.
  • Marco - some tempo problems throughout, nice voice, rich tones, hard time finding the notes at times, words hard to understand at times, nice choice for your range, didn’t really get into the mood swings of the song until second verse though very emotional, some words weren’t correct
  • Perry - You had some pitch issues, and I think you know where they are, but you don't have bad pitch either, which would be disastrous. The song choice was rather risky, considering the original's heavy emphasize on effects and editing. You have a very powerful voice, which you used quite a bit; that's not your problem. I think your challenge will be learning to control your voice. As with many of your fellow competitors, you have the potential, and the best singers here will be the ones who learn how to harness it. I hope to see you do well. Good luck.


Song: One Thing
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - This was a good audition especially your belting.
  • Jerby - When you started singing, you sounded great and I was thinking to myself that it was a good start. But then, the chorus hit and I felt like that was when everything went downhill. There were so much flats and sharps after that. I say lose the guitar because it sounded like it wasn't properly tuned which may have caused u to hit the notes wrong. You can do better than this, I know it, u know it.
  • Marco - Your pitch was a little off, but your voice is well-developed and nice to listen to. Sometimes, like on the words like me and other ee sounds you clip you words into nasal sounds. Your timing was spot on, and the guitar was a nice touch. I'd work on your tune; sometimes you fell into dissonance with the guitar.
  • Perry - I think you struggled a lot with pitch in this performance. My recommendation would be to ditch the guitar in the future. It can be hugely distracting to be in charge of two instruments (your voice and a guitar), and I think it hurt you here. Maybe you can revisit it later after you've practiced a little more. Your voice has a really nice tone to it though, so I think you have a place to go. Just keep practicing, and keep on trying your best!


Song: Stay With Me
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - Wow, I am blown away by this audition. There is nothing I can say but to keep doing what you are doing because that was great.
  • Jerby - You sound awesome! Girl, you have soul and that is very obvious in your singing voice. I know the recording was not that great which kinda affected ur performance but I guess that what made it more appealing to me. You already sound great with a low quality recording, how much amazing would u sound with a better quality one?!?!
  • Marco - As soon as you started singing, I went “Oh shit,” rich tones, easily understood, nice range for you, nice consistency, nice improvisations on the song, background sometimes overpowered, towards the end one of the high notes was a little eh, but over all amazing.
  • Perry - This performance was really good. Like really really good. You have good pitch, the song choice was good, your tone was good. My favorite part was the precise control you seem to have over your voice. I hope it carries over, and you can perform a wide variety of songs, because that seems to be the only thing I can think of that could get in the way. Great job.


Song: Corner of the Sky
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - Overall this was a good audition and you showed a lot of potential.
  • Jerby - It sounded like you were holding back and you struggled with the low key parts. This song was meant to be sang with so much passion and strength but that didn't resonate during most of the performance. The only time I felt you showed energy was at the last part of the song where I went "That's the energy level that should have been throughout this song!" I would really appreciate it if you just bring it because your voice sounds good.
  • Marco - Absolutely love the song choice. The verses were a little bit low for you, and it made you hard to understand. However, your pitch and timing is on. Once or twice you slipped into a speak-sing, but you recovered well each time. I'd work on emotion, as I didn't feel you portrayed that as well as you could have, but overall not bad.
  • Perry - I'm just so glad with the number of people who have pitch this season. Yours is very good, so keep that up. I agree with some of the other judges, you struggled a bit with the lower parts. I think that's just a result of the key the song is in. You have one of the prettiest higher registers here, so I look forward to hearing you sing more songs. You have a few issues, but you did a great job. Best of luck to you!


Song: Extra Ordinary
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - This was a good audition. You have a unique tone. I think you would do good on a Britney Spears song.
  • Jerby - Your voice kinda reminds me of Charley's from the previous season. You can carry notes properly and I think u chose a good song for you. I would've enjoyed your performance even more if you weren't trying to control your volume so much. It was obvious to me that u were trying to keep your voice down and often that makes it hard to hit some notes especially the high ones. My suggestion is to sing it with full volume and don't be afraid to let the neighbors hear ur singing voice!
  • Marco - Your pitch is amazing, as is your tone. Your timing was superb, and I liked the range that this was in for you. I couldn't understand much of your words, so you could work on on that. Your sliding notes were spot-on, and your easy transition between notes is admirable. The fact that you were able to stay on key without a background track shows that you're very competant at this.
  • Perry - As with Austin, performing A Capella is very risky. That said, I really liked listening to this song. You did a really good job: your pitch stayed consistent and your rhythm didn't lag or anything like that. This is the kind of performance I would listen to for fun. A generally strong first performance, I hope you try your best and stay with us for a while!


Song: Dating Game
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - Good guitar playing, nice song, but your singing was pitchy in places.
  • Jerby - I'm going to start by saying that your guitar playing and song writing skills are very very very impressive, however, this is a singing competition. ;) It was a decent performance. It wasn't bad but it wasn't that good either. It just felt... safe. Eden from last season sang an original composition and he sang it with so much passion since it's his work. So when I heard you say that this is an original composition too, I was expecting to see the same passion as Eden's. And take note, Eden went far last season. So I guess what I'm saying is to put more passion in your singing and it would turn out a lot awesome.
  • Marco - I can't say whether you were intentionally flatting or not, but it sounded mostly alright. Your creativity is amazing; it's pretty impressive to have written a song, especially one as well composed as that. Your timing is awesome, though that may be because you've written it. You're a little bit nasally at times, but in certain styles you could use that to your advantage, like jazz.
  • Perry - I agree with Jerby, your songwriting skills and guitar playing skills are impressive. Again, however, it will ultimately come down to your singing ability. You had some pitch issues, which should be worked on, but I think those are things you can work through. There are probably some exercises or technical things you can do, but I'm not the best person to listen to on that note. I hope you do well, and good luck!


Song: Evil Elsa
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - This was an okay audition. It was hard to understand but your last note shows you have potential.
  • Jerby - Oh look! You come after Norbert! Coincidence or serendipity? :3 Okay, I'll stop the joking (for now) and start commenting. You shocked me because you can sing! Actually, you sound great and you can hit notes especially the high ones. There were some parts that you mumbled the words so please don't do that. This was a weird song choice for an audition however I commend you for bringing the attitude required in singing this song. It's a sassy song and u brought the sass!
  • Marco - It’s clear that your pitch is on point, and you take the key change nicely, but I feel like you were speaking most of it. The microphone quality was very bad, so it was hard to understand much of your words. I like your song choice, and I think this is a good range for you, but maybe you should find a song with less speaking next time, as this didn’t really exemplify what I think you can be.
  • Perry - The part I enjoyed most about your song was the performance quality. It wasn't brilliant technically speaking, but it had attitude and sass and it was worth listening too. You need to work on enunciating your words more clearly, but that might just be a result of your recording equipment. Based on this first performance, I think you will be very interesting to listen to in the future. Go kick some ass!


Song: I Believe
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - Wow, this shocked me. This was a great audition. You have a very smooth voice.
  • Jerby - Well, well, well, Mr. McKee... Im now the judge and u r a contestant waiting to get harsh criticisms... Turn about is fairplay!!! I kid I kid! Okay, time to comment... This is actually a good performance. You are hitting the notes properly. U kinda struggled there in the end a bit but it didn't necessarily ruin the whole thing. You have a great singing voice however, my concern is that your voice seems to fit types of songs that are ballad, operatic, big band kinda songs... So I worry if you could pull of songs that are under the Pop, R&B and Rock categories. I guess I have to wait and see how will that turn out if you pass the audition stage.
  • Marco - I threw my hands up as soon as I heard you sing. There. Your voice is so rich and beautiful, especially in the low and high ranges. Your timing is perfect, as is your pitch. It was short, it was amazing. When the music dropped out and you just hit it it made me fall back in my chair. This is not an exageration. Because I feel obligated as a host to help with something: the music was overpowering you at times, but not too much.
  • Perry - And the contestants get to pull a U-Turn on the once Mister Judge. *waves hi* This was really good. I'm gonna go listen to it again when I'm done. Your voice was in pitch, well controlled, and powerful. The song choice was good for you and showcased your talent well. It is performances like these that make it an honor to judge for this competition. Lovely job, and best of luck to you!


Song: Psychotic Girl
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - You have a strong and confident voice. I think you would do good on a Christina Aguliera song.
  • Jerby - I'm glad we waited for your audition performance because wow, you sound amazing! This song fits your voice perfectly and you were hitting those notes with such precision. Your voice kinda reminds me of Marco's from last season and that is a huge compliment! Keep it up and I honestly want to hear more from u!
  • Marco - -Your style is unique and you’re voice is distinct. You’re clearly sliding but it is so deliberate that it is beautiful. You’re pitch was on point and your timing seemed so perfect (but I couldn’t really tell because there wasn’t background music) (Have you ever heard of ZZ Ward? If so, I think you’d be good singing any of her songs (especially “365 Days”)
  • Perry - As with Austin and Natalie: A Cappella is super risky. I'm going to repeat that as many times as possible for everyone. Your performance was good. The pitch was good, and your rhythm was there for the most part. I think your only issue here is that the song seems like it would gain a lot with background music. That said, your voice was powerful, and I enjoyed the song. Good luck!


Song: Love You Forever
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - Overall this was an okay audition. You were pitchy in places and could use some work.
  • Jerby - During the start of the peformance, you were doing okay but as the song progressed, u really struggled hitting those high notes though the low notes sounded fine to me. In addition, this song was not a good choice for u, unfortunately, because it has those sudden raise in notes that I feel made it more difficult for u. Keep on practicing and try to explore songs that would sound perfect for ur voice.
  • Marco - Nice song choice! This seems like a good range for you, and your pitch is near perfect. Your timing is flawless. Sometimes your dynamics fluctuated oddly, getting softer in odd places. There were some odd pauses, but I'll assume that to be part of the song. Watch out for flatting, and if you watch your breathing both the pausing and the odd dynamics will be solved more or less.
  • Perry - Mandatory warning: A Capella is risky. With this performance it was sort of difficult to distinguish rhythm, which is the sort of thing a background track would help with. I also agree with Jerby, the high notes seemed difficult for you. That said, you have some things to work on, but it's the effort you put in at this stage that makes or breaks your time here. Good luck in the coming rounds!


Song: Rise Like A Phoenix
Judges's Comments:

  • Boo - This was a bit pitchy. I would recommend some breathing exercises to help you hit the notes.
  • Jerby - The start of ur performance is decent but during the chorus and in most parts, it seemed to be lacking a lot of energy. I know you have heard this song a million times before and I think you would agree with me that Conchita sang it with so much strength. I'm not saying that you have to sing like Conchita but to bring the same level of energy as how the artist of the song you're singing did it. Come out of your comfort zone and just kick ass when u sing!
  • Marco - Your voice is really rich, and your tone is amazing. Your pitch was a bit wibbly wobbly, but you could probably play that to your advantage in certain styles (country?) Your emotion was great, and I really liked your timing. Your song choice was good, as it was in a good range. Try to hit your high notes; you were flatting slightly
  • Perry - Mandatory warning: A Capella is risky. Your voice is really nice and I suspect there's a lot you can do with it. You had some issues with pitch and rhythm, but as with other performances, that's pretty typical of A Capella performances. I would love to hear you sing more, and you sound like you have the potential to do well if you practice. Good luck!



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