Richie McKee


Role(s) Host (Episodes 8-10)
Judge (Episodes 1-10)

Richie McKee is one of the judges and host of ORG Idol. He is also a semi-finalist of ORG X Factor.

ORG IdolEdit

Richie is one of the three original judges of ORG Idol. He is known for his honest and witty remarks. After Alfons stepped down as host of the season in Episode 7, he appointed Richie as his replacement. Richie would then relinquish his role as both host and judge due to personal reasons to Jordan in Episode 11.

ORG X FactorEdit

Richie auditioned for the second season of the ORG Idol Wiki, ORG X Factor. He made it to the Bootcamp stage of the competition but was eliminated by the judges due to failing to submit a performance.


  • Richie is the first host to also serve as a judge at the same time.
  • Richie is the first judge that turned into a contestant when he auditioned for ORG X Factor.